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Do you have that in XXS?

What is XXS? Cross Site Scripting is vulnerability that occurs when an Attacker injects codes/scripts into the client-facing side of a web application. They do this by inserting data in the application via an untrusted source using a web request. This can also be done when data is included in dynamic content sent to the […]

Top InfoSec Tips For Law Firms…

There’s a quiet revolution taking place in the legal industry and the pace at which this is happening is gathering serious momentum. Suddenly the legal sector is having to cope and operate as a fully-fledged commercial entity and as such, the technology, processes and regulatory requirements are increasing and Lawyers do not necessarily have the […]

Don’t Drop The Ball, eh, Data..!

Infosec is about protecting your most valuable asset – your data. Evading and staying ahead of your opponent and attacker and competition all the way! Yours truly (our CEO) is doing just that securing the ball and sprinting away out of harm’s way. Our CEO Clinton Walker plays American Football and he knows all too […]

The Inside Threat

Insider Threat…The root of all evil when temptations and unfavourable circumstances are over bearing… Time and time again ‘the Business’ gets panic in a plethora of noise about a new or reincarnated version of malware/botnets. However, whilst we are caught up in the noise/hype, the technical acronyms and the race to get a new fix […]

Six Advantages Of Hiring An Infosec Biz to Safeguard Your Business

A few days ago I received an online Facebook chat message from a former colleague asking for a donation for the surgery of a close friend. I eagerly volunteered to help and took a few details including where the money was to be transferred. However, on calling her I was informed that it was not […]

How safe is your customer data across various cloud platforms?

Though the ‘cloud’ has been around for a while now and have gained tremendous momentum, there are still some companies that are still hesitant of the risks whilst others are revelling and basking with the opportunities the cloud presents. For those companies who are still at cross roads, it’s only a matter of time before […]

Password Best Practice

Password Best Practice Passwords are like the keys to your home/car but at work, it is the digital key to highly sensitive data. So why use a weak or simple password to access highly sensitive data? …like our keys to your car, home and office… so is the password to our sensitive data… Choosing a […]

Security Resilience in The Cloud

Background As the advancement in technology grows and the demands for new multifunction devices soar, the fast pace of cloud services soar, the complexities and features grow into an enormous compliance and security nightmare. On the other hand, it can be equally construed that the security issues that accompany these devices are a major cause […]

Ten top cyber security tips for small business

SMEs and start-ups are some of the most profitable and fastest growing companies with a flare for innovation, passion and a surplus amount of energy. However, due to the very nature of these individuals (hunters) they do not really see the need to slow down and assess the things that helps them fine-tune and streamline […]

Infosec In Schools – Is This Too Much To Ask For…?

According to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), Data breaches in the UK have increased tenfold in the past five years. In local government the increase was 1,609% and within the NHS 935%. With the current potential fine of up to £500,000, for data breach’s and breach of data that is not adequately protected, Schools are […]